Welcome to GuildLink

As a community pharmacy owner it can be difficult balancing the demands of running a business, complying with regulatory requirements, and providing quality health care to your patients.
This is where GuildLink can help you.

The GuildLink program

GuildLink lets you:

From less than $1 a day!

  • Provides you with a full set of template standard operating procedures (SOP) for personalisation.
  • Provides you with updated SOPs when legislation changes.
  • Allows you to load your pharmacy’s policies.
  • Allows you to load your staff and their training.
  • Prompts staff to carry out regular activity as part of enforcing and implementing your pharmacy policies and procedures.
  • Records and manages dispensing errors.
  • Set regular reminders for updating your policies and SOPs.
  • Spread your regulatory workload throughout the year to keep on top of the paperwork.
  • Assign SOPs to your staff members for updating.
  • Set regular tasks for your staff, such as refrigerator temperature checks and controlled drugs reconciliation.

GuildLink can be used from any location and it will back-up and securely store your personalised SOP content.

  • GuildLink requires an ongoing subscription and costs start from just $30 plus GST per month for Guild members. This price includes updates to SOP content and on-going storage of your personalised SOPs.
  • Guild member: $750 plus GST for the first year, then $360 plus GST for each subsequent year
  • Guild non member: $1,500 plus GST for the first year, then $750 plus GST for each subsequent year 

Simply Sign up and fill in your details. This will be sent to PSL to approve and grant access. 

Please contact PSL on 0800 775 725 or guildlink@psl.co.nz if you have any questions about the GuildLink program.

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